Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Selebrating Seven

Seven years ago today I was blessed with the most wonderful gift one could ever have: At 4:35 pm after 36 hours of labor, no medications, being kidnapped (another story, another time), and trying to unpack a house between contractions, I gave birth to MasonMarie Ariella. The name should say it all but that was just the beginning. Head full of hair, eyes alert, she was quite a site to behold. We delivered in a free standing Midwife Clinic (Seton - which closed down one year to the exact day from her birth) so we lay there in this peaceful, quiet room, with a quilt adorning the wall and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan roaring outside the window and we experienced a miracle. Then we had waffles and fell into a long hard sleep.. or so we thought because at 12am the midwife woke us up and said its time to go...

we actually had stayed longer than usual as they typically only allow families to stay for four hours after birth. So they woke us up and we were like "Now, its the middle of the night" but she said "You will be fine" and we were thinking "Ok we can go but what are you going to do with the baby?...ooh she goes with us....ok so what are we supposed to do with the baby?" again we were reassured "you will be fine, you know what to do"

I mean indeed we had attended the classes, and I did use to babysit and D swears he practically raised his sister but still here we were in this foreign city, far from any family, any friends and we were going home to this new apartment that we had not even unpacked with a baby...A BABY, four hours old. I was petrified, I wished my mom was here, I wished D's mom was was here, heck I wished A MOM was here...wait A MOM was here ..it was me.

So we packed her up in the car seat, the midwife checked it for us and helped us load it in and off we drove towards the Holland Tunnel, I wished we still lived in NY at least I knew people there, but alas we were a "family" and so we needed a bigger place and NJ fit our US Navy salary and Manhattan was not trying to hear our budget, so to NJ we went. I remember as we pulled off D and I looked at each other and we just stopped, everything stopped, time stopped, I think our hearts even stopped and we let go this collective sigh and everything started again, but it started over. We started over.

We were parents - responsible for this little life we had created, but now in that moment that life, that 7.7 lbs, 21 inches of hope, joy, love, and wonder, that MasonMarie - she created US.

With that we pulled off and thank God she never made a peep, not in the car ride, not even up the three flights of steps as we carried all our stuff, we called our folks and told them we were home and then we fell out, on the couch, we did not even make it to the bed. At some points we felt completely alone but we had each other and God remained with us the entire time.

Until MasonMarie woke us with her cries for food. We took turns sleeping, holding her, putting her in her bassinet or chair. Honestly I don't think we left that couch for like three days. It was Labor Day Weekend, so even though the Midwife was supposed to make a home visit on Day 1 she didn't because of the holiday. So we just ate, slept, and looked at her hardly ever moving more than a few feet from the living room area. Our parents called with advice but they could not visit until the next week. Soon we got the hang of things and I prepared to return to school on Friday.

Then we looked up....and she turned 7........ Really it happened that quick.................well not really but the rest is for a different day..

Happy Birthday My Love, My First Love : MasonMarie Ariella - Stone or Strong Rebellion Lion of God is her literal meaning - She is in fact Strong, Rebellious and on fire for God.

We pray her light, her love, her laugh will forever shine bright lighting a path for herself and others.


  1. I love this blog. I shed a couple tears. I truly wish I could be with you guys every day and watch your children grow with you. I can't wait to spend time with you guys this weekend. I need to pick your brain about being a mom anyway... :)

    Love you always!

  2. I completely remember when MaeMarie was born! Although mine is a bit different. Rushing from the club the night before to Seton only to be sent home. Going to Church the next morning to get your text and getting scalded by you b/c of my peppermint gum!!! I love that little girl. She was a joy from the start and has developed into an amazing little girl!