Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Purpose and Path: Definition, Explanation, Exploration

This blog has a two fold purpose it is both universal and open to input and posts from others and I deeply value your input but it is also personal and a part of my growth and experience as a mother:

Families today are ever-changing, many families are a blend of different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and beliefs. Families can no longer look to one thing or source as a link to their culture - they must create their own. Embracing traditions, rituals, and customs that make up the fabric of their lives. This is a blog to share that experience. Hopefully we can learn from each other. We can see how one family does it and take those ideas and offer our own.

It is also a place for folks to share and create a universal experience of raising children in this world today. There are so many factors and factions out there to tear children down you must fortify and raise them at home so they can fight the many battles they face.

As a Black Woman when I began my journey of Motherhood; I was surrounded by women of many cultures and they had these traditions that they passed down to their children that from birth gave their children a sense of belonging to a greater community thus a greater good. This sense of belonging instilled a certain amount of pride in who they were and whose they were.

I realized that in the "AfricanAmerican" community we lacked that. Some may say due to the fact that we can not trace ourselves to one particular culture, history or background but for whatever the reason, we do lack those traditions and I made it my purpose to create those traditions for my own children and help instill the importance of passing those traditions down.

I decided to Create My Culture - I look at and embrace a variety of traditions most notably - Some African, Latino, Carribean, and Jewish Traditions that celebrate children. This blog is a part of that journey.

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